Boaz Ashkenazy

My Resource Library now delivers 3D Augmented Reality directly from within your MRL binder.

Deliver 3D Augmented Reality Experiences Directly from Your MRL Binder

MRL is now enabled to deliver 3D experiences direct from the individual products in your binder! This functionality helps MRL bridge the gap between traditional brick-and-mortar showrooms and online research tools. Your products can be dropped into your customers room and they can see and walk around your products right in their own office. Simply Augmented makes it easy to convert your CET and even your 2D images into 3D consumer-ready content. We are streamlining the process of 3D modeling and delivery of interactive 3D products. By integrating with Simply Augmented, MRL has created a straightforward and simple process to integrate your 3D within your MRL Binder, all with a web based (no custom app required) experience.

Simple and Fast 3D Integration

When you work with Simply Augmented, we will create 3D models that are for you to use on MRL, repurpose on your own website, as well as all other channels you have your display your content. Learn how your products can be AR enabled in MRL powered by Simply Augmented.

If you have 3D or need to have your 2D made into photo realistic 3D, Simply Augmented can get your integration set up quickly.

Simple and Fast 3D Integration