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Catalyst Workplace Injects 3D Augmented Selling into its Sales Pipeline

Catalyst, a Herman Miller dealer in Seattle was presented with the opportunity to bid on 1,500 workstations across 3 cities. If they could present a solution in two days, they’d get to bid before it went to RFP.

An Augmented Selling Solution

Catalyst created a compelling solution. In order to create a winning presentation, the team relied on Simply Augmented to provide augmented reality displays of the solution that clients could view in full size, in context of their offices. Simply Augmented eliminated the need for time consuming and expensive mock-ups, enabling Catalyst to meet the two-day goal.

“The Simply3D™ configurator has been essential in helping our team sell product. When you have a product that has many options it is crucial to implement a 3D configurator to allow your potential customers to explore and experience before buying”

Chris Speno, Catalyst Workplace Innovation Leader

Critical Impact to Top Line Revenue

Catalyst won the deal, with one of the best known and fastest growing companies in the US.

With this success under its belt, the Catalyst team is confident moving faster than ever, They are increasingly comfortable relying on new technologies that give them additional advantages over the competition.

Mock-up costs and delays are decreasing, and the ability to track client usage provides critical sales intelligence as customers view and share the 3D augmented reality assets.

About Catalyst Workplace

Catalyst Workplace Activation is accelerating the transformation of “workplace” into the most engaging places for people to work, learn, and heal. One of the largest Herman Miller dealers in the state of Washington, Catalyst Workplace serves six primary markets: Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Government, Modular Walls, and Services.

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